Not far from the riverbank beside the Takahashi bridge, a pure white building stands. The sunlight streams evenly into the lobby, casting folds on the tabletops as the curtains sway with the breeze. In the stairwell, there is a toy box filled with dolls, gashapon machines, and various board games, reminiscent of a secret hideout exclusive to children, evoking your childhood memories.


The owner, who comes from an architectural design background, used black, white, and gray tones to create a minimalist and leisurely modern style. The warm and secure ambiance is achieved in the rooms through the use of brown wood materials, creating a comfortable space that you will love.


The overall visual is consistent yet not boring, creating a serene and modern atmosphere in the door court-like room. The left bank of the river hotel invites you to sit down and enjoy a pot of coffee, sip the edge of the cup lazily, and feel the comfort that the guesthouse brings.


✅ Equipped with elevators / can swipe China Travel Card / can issue invoices

✅Near Taiping Creek Iron Horse Road (20 meters)

✅Delicious and value-for-money American breakfast​