• Tiehua Music Village

    Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, 鐵花路鐵花村 .

    Tiehua Music Village, a creative haven for Taitung’s emerging artists and musicians, is an intriguing attraction for visitors – whether domestic or international, to spend an afternoon or evening. The music village is a place where many of Taitung’s indigenous residents come together to share arts and music to the community. Located in the heart of the city, its music comes to life every Wednesdays to Sundays. Once an abandoned old dormitory for Taiwan Railways Administration operators, there, you will be able to experience exciting live music performances, discover unique local arts and handicrafts, and savour unusual flavours from the local market and bar.

  • Jialulan Recreation Area

    Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, 加路蘭休息站 .

    Jialulan Recreation Area is near the 157.7km point of No.11 Provincial Highway. Here is not far from Siaoyeliou Scenic Area. Formerly as the waste soil site when the air force constructed Jhihhang base airport, it was planned by the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration and later developed in ecological engineering methods. Now it has become a quite popular recreation area. Its annually held handicraft marketplace also receives a fervent response. No wonder Jialulan Recreation Area has become both a natural and artistic coast.

  • Taitung Forest Park

    Taitung Forest Park, 華泰路 Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan .

    The 280-hectare Taitung Forest Park at the end of Jhongshan Road is nicknamed “Black Forest”by Taitung residents for its immense dark beefwood trees. In the woods lies a serene lake fed by the gushing spring at the estuary of Beinan Creek,called Pipa (Chinese lute) Lake,because it has the shape of two connected water bodies,a small one and a large one. The scenic Pipa Lake is a habitat of aquatic animals and plants,and by the lake are a viewing platform and a cabin that overlooks the waterfowl. Visitors may enjoy the lake view on either bike routes or slat walks.

  • Duoliang Station

    Duoliang, Taimali Township, Taitung County, Taiwan .

    After called the most beautiful station, Duoliang Station has attracted more and more tourists, due to the juxtaposition of railway, mountain and ocean. It is actually not difficult to find this station. There is an obvious indicator at 417.5km on No.9 Provincial Highway. Then turn right and go upward.

    After this station was abolished, the roads previously connected to the platform have been removed. Now people can only stand on the roof of the station to overlook the Pacific scenery. Even so, its charm still remains. Although this station is not used any more, there are still trains passing. When a train rapidly passes in front into the cave, along with the background of blue ocean, rail fans would definitely be crazy for here.

  • Sanxiantai

    Taiwan, Taitung County, Chenggong Township, 基翬路三仙台遊客中心 .

    Formerly,Sanxiantai was a narrow and elongated cape into the ocean. When the neck of the cape was eroded by the tide,the rest of the cape was disconnected with the land and became an island. It is said that three gods,named Li Tieguai,Lu Dongbin and He Xiengu visited here and left three pairs of footprints. The isolated island remained unaffected by human civilization and preserves abundant seashore plant species,and was thus claimed a natural reserve later on. There is also a famous eightarch cross-ocean bridge,a great spot to watch sun rising over the Pacific Ocean.

  • Jinzun

    Taiwan, 金樽漁港 .

    On the south side of Donghe Village is an island parallel to the seashore of Jinzun fish port. The unique landform leads to the formation of circling waves,which accumulated sand enough to connect the island with the seashore. The form is known as tombolo. The anchor-shape rocks there are marvelous. This is the only tombolo in Taiwan that continues to grow. The magnificent view of azure sky and white splashes at Jinzunlulian,in the day or at night,is well renowned.

  • Jhihben Hot Spring

    Taiwan, Taitung County, Beinan Township, 知本溫泉 .

    It is the utmost joy to bathe in a hot spring in cool autumn or chilly winter. A bath in hot spring water can improve blood circulation,and more attractively,smoothen the skin. Jhihben is best known for hot spring bathing because its water contains weak alkaline carbon,a beautyenhancing ingredient. Hotels here feature different types of pools,such as the nude pool,SPA,hot spring swimming pool and other facilities,attracting nowledgeable visitors with irreplaceable appeal.

  • Taitung Railway Art Village

    Railway Art Village, 鐵花路 Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan .

    After the South Link Line was open to vehicular traffic, the volume of freight and passengers was too large more than what Taitung old station could handle. Thus it was faced with the fate of abolishment as the new station was under construction. In order to preserve the significantly meaningful old railway over the past 80 years, Taitung Railway Art Village is thus established to keep memories of railway culture. This art village maintains the original appearance of the railway bureau at that time, having the nation’s only triangle turnaround loop and Kuanghua Express. In the porch, there are modern installation artistic works and old-fashioned railroad reflecting each other. Rail enthusiasts and photography lovers shall never miss here.

  • 鐵花村音樂聚落

    Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, 新生路135巷鐵花村音樂聚落 .


  • 鹿野高台熱氣球區

    Taiwan, Taitung County, Luye Township, 高台路42巷鹿野高台高眺亭 .


  • 多良火車站

    Taiwan, Taitung County, Taimali Township, 瀧溪路多良觀光車站 .



  • 臺東森林公園

    Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, 華泰路臺東森林公園 .


  • 伯朗大道

    Taiwan, Taitung County, Chishang Township, 伯朗大道畫框 .


  • 國際地標(海濱公園)

    Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, Datong Road, 國際地標(海濱公園) .